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Welcome to 'PG Tips', the section of the website where we answer your footballing queries and personal problems. The page is hosted by the notorious agony uncle, the man they call 'Mr Football'. With twenty-three years of footballing advice behind him, we introduce Gerald Football to you now. Take it a way, Gerald...

Your letters:

‘pg tips’ Archive

Fraternal rivalry from anon

Dear Gerald, I am struggling with feelings or jealousy towards my brother, who has become a Hollywood film star.

Growing a moustache from anon in America

Dear Gerald, I am attempting to imitate the recent facial hair growth by my favourite ex-Arsenal wild winger Perry Groves, but am struggling to trim my full bushy beard into the fine strand that Perry so delicately sports.

Problems with my throw-ins from Percy Grover

Dear Gerald, I am struggling to acheive distance, height and deadly accuracy in my throw-ins.

Problems with my hair from Madeline Groves

Dear Gerald, I am struggling to acheive volume, silkiness and deadly bounce in my hair.

Bullying from Anon

Dear Gerald, I am being mercilessly but fairly bullied with names such as ‘Ginger Snaps, Ginger Nuts, Ginger Tosser, Tintin, Ginger Minger, Copper Nob, Sailor, Greaseball, Shiny Shorts, Captain Haddock, Orange Peel, Grubby Grundies and Gaylord’ due to my fine auburn locks.