World Domination

One of the special abilities given to us by MI9 (FOUR levels above MI5 and seven and a half above MI-1-and-a-half) is the ability to tell from which countries people have visited the Official Unofficial Perry Groves website. As you can imagine, this requires a super-computer the size of a small garden-centre to run, but the boys at MI9 deemed it worthy.

Using this super-computer, we are able to output the map below using a high energy resonance cascade. See how many countries in the world are starving of Perry influence! But this is where you, dear visitor can help. Got a long-lost brother in Outer Mongolia? Call him up! Spread the word! Help us turn the whole world ginger!

Note: Although government technology is far more advanced than ever, sometimes it struggles to recognise every country and palms us off with an 'unknown'. If you've visited the site and notice that your country is not ginger, just email us at and we'll tell the computer off.

‘world domination’ Archive

World Domination – July 2010

There really aren’t that many countries left now!

World Domination – Dec 31st, 2005

Here are the countries we have reached so far: