Hello. My name's John Barnes.

I used to play for Liverpool and my blinding skills and exciting plays have inspired the creators of this site to give me my own section, John Barnes Corner.

In this section you'll find plenty of exciting things to look at all put together by me, John Barnes. Sorry if I talk too fast though. Just tell me, 'John Barnes, you're speaking too quick.'

All the different things I, John Barnes, have put in this section are listed here. My personal favourite is the John Barnes Culinary Tips section, written by John Barnes (that's me). I advise you look at that one first. But I am biased. I'm also John Barnes.

‘john barnes’ Archive

John Barnes – Child Minding Services

John Lukic’s sensational super shot stopping section.

Hi, I’m John Barnes. In my time at Liverpool, I faced some of the best keepers in the world. I also faced John ‘Lucky Bounce’ Lukic. Here he gives us some indipensible goal saving tips.

Ronnie Rosenthal’s goal scoring section

As John Barnes, one of my colleagues I admired most was Ronnie ‘Rampaging Rocket’ Rosenthal. Here he gives us a few tips on how to be the perfect marksman. So, over to you Ronnie.

John Barnes’s culinary tips

John Barnes pie. My mother always said ‘a good cook is like a rottweiler, but not a dog of course!’ I never quite got what she meant, but I like cooking.

John Barnes Quiz

Tax your brain with these questions based around John Barnes. Click on the question to find out the answer.