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World Domination – July 2010

There really aren’t that many countries left now!

World Domination – Dec 31st, 2005

Here are the countries we have reached so far:

‘Groves’ – supplied by Martyn Stimson

Here is an amusing story supplied by young Martyn. It seems that the chant “only one Perry Groves” is not entirely accurate…

Bullying from Anon

Dear Gerald, I am being mercilessly but fairly bullied with names such as ‘Ginger Snaps, Ginger Nuts, Ginger Tosser, Tintin, Ginger Minger, Copper Nob, Sailor, Greaseball, Shiny Shorts, Captain Haddock, Orange Peel, Grubby Grundies and Gaylord’ due to my fine auburn locks.

Perry suffers abuse.

Reports have recently emerged that ex-Arsenal superstar Perry Groves was taunted by Liverpool supporters during Arsenal’s league decider in 1989 at Anfield, with chants of ‘Who’s the ginger tosser?’.

Perry’s hairstyle

Everyone at at least one moment in their lives has looked at Perry Groves and said, ‘I wish my hair was like that.’ Well, today we’ll make your wishes come true as we tell you in a simple step by step tutorial how to get that Tintin look. It’s easy as pie.