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Famous band re-uniting for come-back gig at new stadium

Rumours zip around north London that brothers Matt and Luke Goss and ex-Arsenal defence-devastator Perry Groves are set for a headlining reunion at the official opening of Arsenal’s new stadium, with Groves on percussion.

Perry Action Figure no more!

The popular action figures based on ex-Arsenal Penalty Poacher Perry Groves have been recalled by the manufacturer, HasBROS.

Perry Groves the Musical?

Abounding rumours suggest that ex-Arsenal football-flinger Perry Groves is to become the subject of a controversial new musical, Perry’s Ginger: The Opera.

Fraternal rivalry from anon

Dear Gerald, I am struggling with feelings or jealousy towards my brother, who has become a Hollywood film star.

Perry copies Pires?

Usually the ultimate trend-setter, rumours abound that ex-Arsenal penalty-area-panther Perry Groves has undergone a role-reversal by adopting current Arsenal winger Robert Pires’ trademark ‘crap’ beard.

Perry Grows

Get ready to wit your pits against the game which is taking the world of Perry-groves-related-internet-sites by storm!

Scare over new virus!

Fear is sweeping the country over a new virus which could kill millions. It was released from a Laboratory in Swindon where scientists were experimenting with cells from lengendary ex-Arsenal striker Perry Groves.

Queen to cut hair?

Rumours are rife that the Queen is to adopt a new hair style in that of ex-Arsenal speedy-gonzalis Perry Groves.

Perry to join Bros?

Rumours fly around the music press that the Goss brothers, formerly of the band ‘Bros’ wish to reform the band with ex-Arsenal striker Perry Groves as percussionist.

Who’s your Favourite Member of Bros?

Who’s your favourite member of Bros?