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World Domination – July 2010

There really aren’t that many countries left now!
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Gross back behind bars

Upon transferring this site to its new look, we became aware that it had been infiltrated by one Terry Gross, arch nemesis and lookalike of Perry Groves. read more

Perry Groves backs Delap

Ex-Arsenal throw-in-taker Perry Groves has controversially criticised England boss Fabio Capello for not taking Stoke City’s Rory Delap to the World Cup. read more

Dress Perry

Have fun dressing Perry up in his favourite clothes!

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Buy Perry’s autobiography now

That’s right, Perry has written an autobiography!

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Famous band re-uniting for come-back gig at new stadium

Rumours zip around north London that brothers Matt and Luke Goss and ex-Arsenal defence-devastator Perry Groves are set for a headlining reunion at the official opening of Arsenal’s new stadium, with Groves on percussion. read more

Perry Penalty

Congratulations on choosing PERRY PENALTY, the latest realistic football game from weloveperry.com. read more

Perry Action Figure no more!

The popular action figures based on ex-Arsenal Penalty Poacher Perry Groves have been recalled by the manufacturer, HasBROS. read more

Perry linked to food poisoning outbreak in Spurs team!

Ex-Arsenal midfield dynamo Perry Groves is under suspicion of attempting to poison the entire Tottenham Hotspur team with his infamous milk-past-its-sale-by-date trick. read more