Framley Town Wanderers lose milk to Premiership giant!

Rumours are rife that the Framley Town Wanderer’s half-time milk supply was commandeered by premiership giants Manchester City. read more

World Domination – Dec 31st, 2005

Here are the countries we have reached so far:
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Ye Olde book for guests

Back in the old days,

before there were blogs, we had a beatiful book that visiting guests could leave messages on. Here are some.
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Perry People

We have had so many emails from lots of Perry friends about all manner of subjects. Thanks to…
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Henry’s Cat!

Our mellow red and white feline friend hardly needs an introduction…

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‘Lookalikes’ – supplied by Ian Harkess

Here’s our very first official unofficial Perry Groves Lookalike in the form of a famous Eastenders star. read more

‘Picture’ – supplied by Sammy William

We recieved this picture from Sammy, along with the message:
How do you like my picture?
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‘Groves’ – supplied by Martyn Stimson

Here is an amusing story supplied by young Martyn. It seems that the chant “only one Perry Groves” is not entirely accurate…
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Perry Groves the Musical?

Abounding rumours suggest that ex-Arsenal football-flinger Perry Groves is to become the subject of a controversial new musical, Perry’s Ginger: The Opera. read more

Fraternal rivalry from anon

Dear Gerald,
I am struggling with feelings or jealousy towards my brother, who has become a Hollywood film star. read more