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‘response’ Archive

Ye Olde book for guests

Back in the old days, before there were blogs, we had a beatiful book that visiting guests could leave messages on. Here are some.

Perry People

We have had so many emails from lots of Perry friends about all manner of subjects. Thanks to…

‘Lookalikes’ – supplied by Ian Harkess

Here’s our very first official unofficial Perry Groves Lookalike in the form of a famous Eastenders star.

‘Picture’ – supplied by Sammy William

We recieved this picture from Sammy, along with the message: How do you like my picture?

‘Groves’ – supplied by Martyn Stimson

Here is an amusing story supplied by young Martyn. It seems that the chant “only one Perry Groves” is not entirely accurate…

‘Coach’ – supplied by Alexander Jackson

Here is a picture sent in by Alex, who attends Colchester Royal Grammar School (ooooh!).

Cornard Dynamoes – supplied by Nig

Here is a picture of the famous Perry Groves in his legendary playing days for Cornard Dynamoes.

‘Piss – from LeeTim’

Leetim has kindly sent us this picture to show us what Perry really gets up to on his milkround.

‘Beer’ – supplied by Phil Twine

The real truth about the legendary Perry Groves….

‘Match’ – supplied by Matilda Jenkins

I read the astoundingly informative articles and reviews on your well presented and highly researched website but was severely dismayed to discover that you had somehow managed to miss out on the highly publicised and pivotal, (to his career), report on Mr. Groves in the July ’94 edition of ” Great Yarmouth Sights and Sounds [...]