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Henry’s Cat!

Our mellow red and white feline friend hardly needs an introduction…


The exciting adventures of Pere, Arsenal’s newest recruit.

Perry’s Realistic Football Simulation Game

Have you ever dreamed of being a football player of the calibre of ex-Arsenal soccer scorcher Perry Groves? Well now’s your chance!

New Arsenal stadium dedicated to Perry

It has been anounced that the new Arsenal stadium will be named after ex-Arsenal points-poacher Perry Groves, together with indie-rock group Ash and film director Tim Burton.

Perry new Arsenal model!

We are hearing rumours that ex-Arsenal striker Perry Groves is to model the new Arsenal kit.

The Perry Groves Board Game

CUT OUT AND KEEP! (well, print out and keep).

Perry Groves Quiz

Tax your brain with these questions based around Perry Groves. Click on the question to find out the answer.

Interviews with the general public regarding Perry Groves

We sent our intrepid reporter out onto the streets to find out what you, the public really think of Perry.

Arsenal’s Number Twelve

Arsenal’s no. 12, Arsenal’s Arsenal’s no. 12. (repeat)

Perry’s football kit

Perry has donned many football kits in his career. In his time at Arsenal, obviously the kit most frequently worn was the first team kit (pictured below) but that’s not the one we love. Oh no. For when Arsenal played matches against other teams that also wore red, the fantastic away strip came out and [...]