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Problems with my hair from Madeline Groves

Dear Gerald, I am struggling to acheive volume, silkiness and deadly bounce in my hair.

Bullying from Anon

Dear Gerald, I am being mercilessly but fairly bullied with names such as ‘Ginger Snaps, Ginger Nuts, Ginger Tosser, Tintin, Ginger Minger, Copper Nob, Sailor, Greaseball, Shiny Shorts, Captain Haddock, Orange Peel, Grubby Grundies and Gaylord’ due to my fine auburn locks.

Queen to cut hair?

Rumours are rife that the Queen is to adopt a new hair style in that of ex-Arsenal speedy-gonzalis Perry Groves.

Perry hospitalised by hair gel incident

Reports are emerging that former Arsenal striker and pin-up Perry Groves has had a terrible accident.

Interview with Perry Groves

And this is the one you’ve been waiting for. Our reporter managed to get an exclusive interview with Perry Groves. The man himself. God. This is how it went.

Perry’s hairstyle

Everyone at at least one moment in their lives has looked at Perry Groves and said, ‘I wish my hair was like that.’ Well, today we’ll make your wishes come true as we tell you in a simple step by step tutorial how to get that Tintin look. It’s easy as pie.