Football chants: great aren't they?

All the best teams and players have their own football chants. Some players may even have TWO chants. But you have to be something really special to have lots of chants. Well, Perry Groves is something special. And here is a selection of our personal favourites. You'll be singing them on the Framley Town Wanderers terraces in no time, we'll guarantee it.

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Who’s your Favourite Member of Bros?

Who’s your favourite member of Bros?

The Tintin Song

Two Tintins, There’s only two Tintins, Two Tintins, There’s only two Tintins.

Perry for England

Perry for England! Perry for England! (repeat until [insert current England manager name here] sees the light)

Arsenal’s Number Twelve

Arsenal’s no. 12, Arsenal’s Arsenal’s no. 12. (repeat)

Framley’s Number One

Framley’s no. 1, Framley’s Framley’s no. 1. (repeat)

Who’s your favourite Perry?

Who’s your favourite Perry? Perry Mason?

We all live in a Perry Groves World

At number 1, it’s Perry Groves,