Fraternal rivalry from anon

Dear Gerald,
I am struggling with feelings or jealousy towards my brother, who has become a Hollywood film star. We used to work together on an equal footing, but now my career has become lukewarm and his has soared. I know that he owes me nothing, but I can’t help feeling like it’s a jungle out there. I don’t want to put a cat among the pigeons. I have been offered a role in a controversial new musical, but do not know whether or not this would be a wise career move. What do you think? When will I be famous?
Ex-popstar, England

Dear Anon,
Life’s a heartbeat – I’m not a liar, but I think this new musical will be too much. Don’t worry about the money, perhaps spend some time with your sister – I think you need some space. Don’t listen to the goss about your brother – drop the boy!
Kind Regards, Gerald

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