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Perry for England

Perry for England! Perry for England! (repeat until [insert current England manager name here] sees the light)

Arsenal’s Number Twelve

Arsenal’s no. 12, Arsenal’s Arsenal’s no. 12. (repeat)

Framley’s Number One

Framley’s no. 1, Framley’s Framley’s no. 1. (repeat)

Who’s your favourite Perry?

Who’s your favourite Perry? Perry Mason?

We all live in a Perry Groves World

At number 1, it’s Perry Groves,

Perry’s football kit

Perry has donned many football kits in his career. In his time at Arsenal, obviously the kit most frequently worn was the first team kit (pictured below) but that’s not the one we love. Oh no. For when Arsenal played matches against other teams that also wore red, the fantastic away strip came out and [...]

Perry’s hairstyle

Everyone at at least one moment in their lives has looked at Perry Groves and said, ‘I wish my hair was like that.’ Well, today we’ll make your wishes come true as we tell you in a simple step by step tutorial how to get that Tintin look. It’s easy as pie.