Perry’s hairstyle

Everyone at at least one moment in their lives has looked at Perry Groves and said, ‘I wish my hair was like that.’ Well, today we’ll make your wishes come true as we tell you in a simple step by step tutorial how to get that Tintin look. It’s easy as pie.

Step One

First you need to die your hair a lovely ginger colour. Careful not to get any on the furniture!



Step two

Now comes the difficult bit. Get a friend to shave the sides and back of your head with some clippers. Make sure you leave the middle longer in a U shape (see pictures below).

Front: Top:

Step three

Now for the gel. This is an age-old recipe handed down through the generations of the Groves family. We’ve managed to dodge copyright laws to exclusively bring you this recipe:

1/2 pint Industrial strength glue.
1/4 pint Melted candle wax.
2 tbsp Paint stripper.
4oz Self-raising flour.
1 small tube PrittStick.
1 jar honey.
2 jar treacle.
1/4 sack cement.

Mix the ingerdients in a large cement mixer and apply liberally to hair. WARNING: do NOT try to comb or brush hair and be careful of low ceilings.

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