Perry Grows

Get ready to wit your pits against the game which is taking the world of Perry-groves-related-internet-sites by storm! You will be presented with a seemlingly untoward situation. But wait! On his way to said situation our hero happened across a young country lad selling magic beans. Greedy-guts Perry spent all his pocket money on said beans. The said country lad explained that every time Perry ate a bean, he would grow in size. But be warned: eat too many beans and you’ll turn into one!

Perry wants to be the best, but to be the best he needs to be big, really big. He’ll get big by eating beans.
To feed Perry a bean, simply click on the bean button. When you think he’s had enough, click on “I’m full” button.

The first level sees Perry line up in the Arsenal side in a crunch European match against Barcelona at the Nou Camp. Help him lead Arsenal to victory with a little help from the magic beans.

click here to enter level 1!

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