‘Beer’ – supplied by Phil Twine

The real truth about the legendary Perry Groves….

In 1997, Colchester duo Steve Whitton and Perry Groves decided to hit the town for a few sherberts, but what began as an innocent lads’ night out ended in uproar. After several pints, the pair decided hamburgers were called for – like you do. Wandering down the High Street, one of the two (legend suggests Groves), threw the remnants of his tasty meat-and-bread combo on the floor, just as a police wagon was rolling down the road. The officers within suggested Groves pick up said snack and were promptly advised to “F*** off”. After a swift discussion, the wagon drove off. That wasn’t enough for our intrepid heroes, though. Instead, they chased the vehicle down the High Street, yelling obscenities as they went. The result? A night in the cells and Groves being charged with Public Disorder Offences.

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